Rafał Lemieszewski

User Experience Designer


Experience timeline

I'm a 27 year old designer based in Wroclaw, Poland, where I have studied on Wroclaw University of Technology and gained design experience working for local IT firms and interactive agencies. During my last year of studies I have been hired as a vendor UX Designer in Microsoft Wroclaw Developement Center, which was created thanks to acquisition of the largest European price comparison website - Ciao! During 2,5 years that I have spent there I have been working on new features for Ciao's websites as well as Bing US Shopping vertical. In March 2012 Microsoft Wroclaw Development Center was closed and I joined Clearcode - a relatively small Polish web software house which was working for many exciting American and West European startups. Shortly after I was asked to lead company's design efforts.

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Skillset breakdown

Selected work

Easy e-commerce web analytics


Darwin360° is a startup designed for small to medium e-commerce owners. Application revolves around patent pending algorithms which calculate the health of your business and informs you about it with single score. My work focused on creating an attractive brand and full user experience of the app, from information architecture, to visual design.

  • Clear information

    Watch the health of your business with one simple indicator. Use advanced tools to get quickly to the problem.

  • Easy to understand

    Simple and attractive looking user interface. Traffic light colors let you know in what condition is your e-commerce in a matter of second.

  • Events

    Note events that influence your sales and watch how they affect Darwin health score.

Those are only few most interesting features of Darwin360°. More with advanced analytics, live data elements and many customization features is planned to be shipped with first version of the application in March 2013.

web ad campaign management

Kanary Nest

Kanary Nest is a new application that wants to revolutionize web ad campaigns management. Powerful options with ease of use - that's what describes Kanary best. Its user interface allows also the application to have external application hook up additional functionalities in a very clear and easy way.

  • Three column layout

    Clear user interface, navigation split apart from the content area.

  • Clear structure

    Campaign are structured in an easy to understand way. You always know exactly what you are doing.

Kanary Nest Screenshot
Visual redesign

Piwik Open Source Web Analytics

It's a free web analytics tool that provides you with detailed reports on your website's visitors, your marketing campaigns and much more. Piwik is an open source alternative to Google Analytics, available in 45 languages, and has been downloaded more than 1 million times. We are helping Piwik bring more modern look to the platform.

Piwik Homepage Screenshot

New Face of Clearcode

One of my first tasks at Clearcode was to create a new brand for the company, to appeal to more demanding type of clients. Now, with new, shiny logo, along with modern website, Clearcode stands in front of a range of new possibilities.

Mobile Web

Mobile Ciao

During my work at Microsoft Wroclaw Development Center my single biggest project was designing a mobile version of Ciao website, which later on was rated as the most usable among other mobile pricing comparison website in Great Britain in 2009.

Most Usable Mobile Coparison Website in Great Britain
Product branding

Logotypes selection

Brand design is one of my favorite parts of designing a product. This list gathers my favorite ones from last few years.

Logotypes Selection


Contact me for full information about projects I’ve worked on and job inquiries. Please use mail, Twitter or Skype.